About the Artist

Jay W. Hocutt, is an self-taught musician who sings and writes his own music, playing both acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars. Born into a military family, Jay joined the military after graduating high-school and served his country from 1976-1989. Obtaining his Business degree from theIMG_3306 University of Florida, in 1992, he has traveled the world and has a love for many types of music. His American Country/Pop/Blues music appeals to all ages. Jay is a grandfather of two girls and a boy and recently became a great-grandfather. He is happily married to his wife, Deborah, for the past 23 years.  His inspiration for his music comes from life experiences and his family. The defining event is his life that sparked the desire to write and perform came from his best friend, John Mason. After serving in the military together from 1982-1986 (had a little country band called Shalako), Jay and John were out of touch for more than 3o years. In of December 2015, John contacted him via social media and they made arrangements to meet in Germany the summer of 2016. After 12 amazing days of visiting, where they played guitars and sang songs together like they had never been apart, they decided to start writing music together. In October of 2016 John was diagnosed with two brain tumors. On last conversation they had, John told Jay to do something with his music.  John passed away December 2016. In January of 2017, Jay played his open mic night and began in earnest to write songs and perform. Jay recently recorded two of his songs in Nashville, “Running” and “Last of You”. They are currently available on CdBaby, I-tunes, Spotify, Amazon and many other streaming networks.

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